Gourmet Experience

At Casa Culinaria – The Gourmet Inn, the day starts with the most important meal: breakfast. In winter, a communal table; in summer, small tables await guests outside. From your eyes to your taste buds, this experience is, from the first, a journey for the senses. Fresh flowers, hand-picked tableware, and a meticulous table presentation accompany exclusive ingredients brought from diverse locations around the globe such as Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, and Turkey, to mention a few.

A gastronomic experience with a menu that is continuously changing flourishes new flavors to discover. Following breakfast, at midday a selection of sandwiches, salads, fruit, and flavored waters are offered. In the afternoon, a special teatime: small format salads and sweets, coffee and tea. As night falls, tapas or a tasting menu. On the weekends, shared, thematic dinners. All of it a gourmet experience.

CULINARY Experiences



A special sunset at the Santa Fe Opera House or in the high desert, mystical and magical…

The sunset, the landscape, a timeless place and the pleasure of a delicious meal full of surprises and a careful selection of snacks.

Carolina our Executive Chef and Owner of Casa Culinaria – The Gourmet Inn invites you to enjoy a nice meal before a great moment

The salty
1. Selection of cheeses and charcuterie
2. Figs, dates and dry fruits
3. Olives, palm hart and grapes
4. Selection of bread and crackers

The sweet
1. Fruit skewers with “dulce de leche” and chocolate sauce
2. Macarons assortment

To drink
1. Bottle of French Rosé Wine
2. Perfumed sparkling water

– 100% must be paid at the time of reservation.
– Reservation 24 hours in advance.
– Is for 2 persons.


Casa Culinaria – The Gourmet Inn, offers a fine selection of gourmet tapas prepared with a variety of ingredients full of color, aroma, and flavor. Different small format plates to choose from a wide variety of textures from different gastronomic lineages that encompass distinct dietary forms.

Vegetarian Tapas

  1. Radicchio tacos with a selection of grains, dried fruits, and goat cheese, all marinated with a mild, spiced sauce made by the chef.
  2. A serving of jicama with a selection of sautéed seasonal vegetables. Apricot and spice reduction dressing.
  3. Grilled asparagus wrapped in “millefeuille” with a dried fruit vinaigrette.
  4. Empanadillas filled with zucchini and spices served with a yogurt and harissa dip.
  5. An assortment of breaded vegetables served with a tomato and ginger dip.
  6. Patatas bravas.

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Tapas

  1. Mini-brochette of house-made goat cheese marinated with various spices, with cucumber, olive, and pepper croutons.
  2. Goat cheese and ricotta croquettes.
  3. Grilled cheese in filo dough with peach and fig.
  4. Stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese and spinach.
  5. Zucchini fritters with a pepper sauce.
  6. A verinne of cucumber and vodka granita with candied onions and sweet paprika.

Land and Sea Tapas

  1. Filo dough pastries filled with French-style steak tartare.
  2. Aromatic shrimp served in a mixed-citrus salsa.
  3. Prosciutto croquettes.
  4. Brochette of green omelet and carpaccio.
  5. Rolls of zucchini with salmon and feta.
  6. Packets of dough stuffed with sautéed shellfish.

An extra, wonderful offering! 4 persons.

Tasting plate: The chef’s selection

  • 2 kinds of cheese, 2 kinds of charcuterie, 1 seafood, 1 tapenade, 1 hummus, olives, heart of palm. A variety of breads and crackers.

– 100% must be paid at the time of reservation.
– Reservation 48 hours in advance.
– Minimum 2 persons.


Casa Culinaria – The Gourmet Inn, invites you to enjoy the flavors of the world through a 6-course carefully crafted menu.

Exclusive ingredients, a special preparation and a unique presentation.

This proposal considers six stages, each one of them reflecting fussion cuisine with a southwestern accent.

1. Spoon; melon tartar with a prosciutto garnish.
2. Verrine; a nice cucumber shape with salmon mouse and its eggs.
3. Brochette; on top of a crunchy bread an assortment of homemade goat cheese, figs tart, Amarena cherry and Spanish chorizo.
4. Soup; a cold and spice avocado soup.

Main Dish
1. Delicious “Mille Feuilles” with shrimp and pepper sauce.

1. Peruvian “Ponderación” with Lucuma mouse and dulce de leche sauce.

– 100% must be paid at the time of reservation.
– Reservation 72 hours in advance.
– Minimum 6 persons.


A custom since time immemorial. In the afternoon—between 3 and 5 pm – a relaxing time to give space to an old tradition. Enjoy good conversation and share life, love, and a delicious experience full of rich aroma and flavor.

A cup of tea or a good coffee. Earl Grey, simple or flavored with bergamot, Darjeeling or Ceylan… a splash of milk or a slice of lemon. A sumptuous “espresso” o a foamy “capuccino”.

For accompaniment, a curated selection of finger sandwiches: cucumber, mint, watercress and egg; smoked salmon, tarragon, and sour cream; roast beef, horse radish and mustard; cheese and tomato. (Your choice; three per person)

Our chef never fails to plan a perfect close. Each afternoon a different offering. That particular sweetness proper to a good ending comes in the form of small pastries, such as mini strawberry or pistachio meringues or tartlets of frangipani and almond among others. A slice of delectable cake is not to be missed. Always, an offering of subtle scones with marmalade and clotted cream.

– 100% must be paid at the time of reservation.
– Reservation 48 hours in advance.
– Minimum 2 persons.


Workshop: The Importance of food pairing.
Date: TBA July-August 2018.
Time: TBA 5pm-6pm.
Exhibitor: Michael Aranda-Santa Fe Olive Oil Company.


This course is designed to education consumers about the importance of pairing organic food with different mono varietal extra virgin olive oils. Our course will begin with a brief introduction on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the importance of using only Extra Virgen Olive Oil. We will teach customer’s how to properly sensory taste test Olive Oil and how to allocate descriptors to associate with what they are tasting.

Food Pairing will be done with the following Oil’s and Organic food if available:

Oil 1

  • Biological Picaul
  • Food Pairing 1
  • Fresh Sour Dough Bread
  • Food Pairing 2
  • Toasted Bread with Spanish Bean Purre

Oil 2

  • Greek Koroneiki, Greece
  • Food Pairing 1
  • Zucchini
  • Food Pairing 2
  • Beet Gelee

Oil 3

  • Califorina Ascolano
  • Food Pairing 1
  • Peaches
  • Food Pairing 2
  • Watermelon + Mint

Oil 4

  • Red Chile Olive Oil
  • Food Pairing 1
  • Red Meat/ Marinate
  • Food Pairing 2
  • Red Meat/ Finishing

– Price Per Event: $340.00
– Minimum 4 persons.
– 100% must be paid at the time of reservation.
– Reservation 72 hours in advance.