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Turn It Off And Reconnect

Summertime is the perfect time to turn it off. Leave all of your stress and worries behind for a bit. Enjoy the warm weather, slower pace and adventures that summer brings. We recommend that you escape and unwind without your electronic leash. Welcome to a summer getaway of smartphone disconnection and reconnection with the world around you. Say hello to a much needed digital detox.

With the fast-paced, always on world that we live in, everyone needs to take some time to turn it all off every now and then. While technology may make us feel well-connected with the virtual world, it can also keep us from connecting with the actual world all around us. If we strive to look up from our screens every now and then, we’ll quickly be reminded that there is a great big world to engage with just past our screens.

While constant emails, social media notifications and breaking news alerts can be a good thing, they can easily become a burden or an obligation. The last thing you probably need is another burden, so make a digital detox a priority. To make it a little easier to break your nightly habit of sitting on the couch channel surfing and perusing the internet. Or plan a getaway. Not just any getaway, though. Plan a digital detox getaway.

Casa Culinaria Don Gaspar is the perfect place for a digital detox. You won’t need to have your nose in a phone while visiting our beautiful property. One of the finest Santa Fe hotels, you will find a welcoming and beautiful setting. We are just a short walk from downtown, yet our property offers the peace and serenity needed for a digital detox. Between our gorgeous gardens, distinct architectural style and private patios, you may find that your digital detox journey could be just what you need.

Enhanced luxurious accommodations will provide you with the perfect setting for a digital detox. Just outside of our walls, you will enjoy some Santa Fe sunshine, beauty and culture sure to keep you from reaching in your pocket for your phone.

So go ahead and do it. Plan your digital detox getaway today. Leave all of your stress and worry behind this time (and your electronic devices)! Don’t take another trip with your devices attached at your hip. Get out there and see what staying connected truly means.